Discovering Kayla


Kayla: “Daddy, what did you study in college?”
Me: “Electrical Engineering”
Kayla: “Did you ride a horse?”
Me: “No”
Kayla: “Why?”
Me: “Because that class wasn’t offered.”
Kayla: “Then that school is not for me. What’s it called so I can take it off my list.”


Kayla: “The waiter is handsome.”
Me: Wait… “What?”

It has begun…

Don’t ever change kid

Don’t ever change kid

Kayla is Happy!!


Kayla: “Can I get fired from school?”

Me: “No… Wait?  Why do you want to be fired from school?”

Kayla: “My teacher said paying attention is my job and I don’t want to pay attention. So I want her to fire me.”

She’s doin’ it! She’s doin’ it!


Kayla was getting herself a bowl of cereal but the gallon of milk wasn’t open.

Kayla: “Daddy, can you help me with the milk? I don’t want to spill it.”

I spill some as I pour into the bowl

Kayla: “Well I could have done that.”


Me: “You wanna watch Wreck-It Ralph?”

Kayla: “Yep. Can we watch Despicable Me 2 after?”

Me: “Kayla, What did I tell you about Despicable Me 2? It’s not out on DVD.”

Kayla: “I said too the word not 2 the number. You totally messed it up Daddy.”

Movie Time

Movie Time


Kayla: ”Why is Princess Leia a Princess?”

Me: ”Because her mom is Queen Amidala.”

Kayla: ”Queen Amidala? Who is her dad?”

Me: ”That’s complicated… It’s… Darth Vader…”

Kayla: ”Darth Vader!?!  Oh my gosh!! That is just terrible!!!”

long pause

Kayla: ”How did that happen?”

Me: ”It’s complicated…”

Kayla: ”Joey!!! Leia’s dad is Darth Vader!!!”